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Defined: Responsibility to Protect

While not directly connected to the International Criminal Court and its due process, the term “Responsibility to Protect” is directly connected to everything we have discussed here in ‘Defined:’ to date. This term is an official UN initiative created to bring swift action in response to mass atrocity crimes. It not only encompasses the use […]

Defined: War Crimes

They say “all’s fair in love and war” – but is it? Is there a point at which war crosses the line? Is that even possible when you’re already shooting to kill?

Defined: Enlisting Child Soldiers

Everyone knows when you want something done right, you send a kid to do it! Wait, what? So what’s the big deal with this “enlisting child soldiers” thing? How did this come to be a charge someone could be indicted under? Who in their right mind would want to have an army of children? Well, no one. […]

Defined: Crimes Against Humanity

‘Crimes against humanity’ is one of the terms that falls under the umbrella of “mass atrocity.” While this term seems to be so vague it could incorporate just about any crime committed against another person, there is a specific legal definition of the term.

Defined: Mass Atrocity

‘Mass Atrocity’ is a term you don’t hear much outside the activist world – but it is a very important term indeed. After all, it’s right there in the founding premise for End Impunity: ‘a campaign to stop mass atrocities.’ It seems self-explanatory enough – it’s a… well, it’s a large-scale bad thing, right?

Defined: Genocide

Pop quiz! What is by and large considered the worst crime known to man? Well, there’s quite a few actually, and before we run too far down that road, we’ll just give you the answer: genocide This word gets used a lot in activist circles, but what does it really mean? And where did it come from, anyway? […]

Defined: Indicted

Indicted is more than accused, but less than convicted. Anyone can make an accusation. “Omar al-Bashir is a jerk!” is an accusation – but he’s not indicted for being a jerk. An indictment is a formal legal proceeding which must show sufficient evidence that the accused committed the crimes in question. Typically it is a presentation before a grand jury. The accused is not usually present.

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