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Supporting crime doesn’t pay

Rwanda has persistently fueled the DR Congo’s M23 rebellion with a complete disregard for its impact on human rights, but as western governments become privy to the emerging ties, such recklessness may carry a significant cost.  For the aid Kigali gives to Bosco Ntaganda’s successors, the UK and the Netherlands have retracted aid of their […]

United States protecting criminals

It is no secret that the Kagame administration in Rwanda has a vested interest in the Congolese rebellion across its border.  There is no concern that the fighting will spill over into Rwandan territory, but rather, the success of Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda’s renegade forces against DR Congo’s government troops guarantees Tutsi hegemony in the […]

Same story, different faces

The remnants of Bosco Ntaganda’s crumbling CNDP rebel group are very much alive and well.  Some have opted for the protection of joining the Congolese government forces while other lingering factions continue to pursue their cause, under the new moniker of M23.  These Tutsi fighters echo the grievances of Rwanda and former rebel leaders, accusing […]

Hiding in plain sight

Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda is a renegade military commander running the Congolese city of Goma like a mob boss, and his days in power are numbered.  In an amazing policy turnaround, president of the DR Congo, Joseph Kabila, called for Ntaganda’s arrest during a visit to the affected North Kivu province earlier this week.  Responding […]

Defined: Mass Atrocity

‘Mass Atrocity’ is a term you don’t hear much outside the activist world – but it is a very important term indeed. After all, it’s right there in the founding premise for End Impunity: ‘a campaign to stop mass atrocities.’ It seems self-explanatory enough – it’s a… well, it’s a large-scale bad thing, right?

Defined: Genocide

Pop quiz! What is by and large considered the worst crime known to man? Well, there’s quite a few actually, and before we run too far down that road, we’ll just give you the answer: genocide This word gets used a lot in activist circles, but what does it really mean? And where did it come from, anyway? […]

Impunity Stops Here

Almost 20 years have passed since the Rwandan genocide, but finally two key perpetrators are facing consequences. Matthieu Ngirumpatse and Edouard Karemera had their day in court – and now their lives in prison. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda – a court established in Tanzania by United Nations resolution in November 1994 – has […]

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