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EI5: “T”

End Impunity is asking five international justice advocates from around the world five “simple” questions about their personal connection to the issue and the unique perspective that their region of the world provides them.  1. Why is the issue of international justice important to you? Thank you for these important questions. The issue of international […]


If the international community won’t bring him to justice, perhaps his own citizens will.  Throughout his 23 year-long stranglehold on Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has seen insurrections in the country’s South, East, and West, responding to each with criminal levels of violence.  Now the North is taking its chances, walking the fine line between disobedience and […]

Fabricating an Emergency

This past weekend, Sudan detained a South Sudanese national and three other foreigners under a false accusation of espionage.  This incident and a growing list of skirmishes along the border have culminated in Omar al-Bashir declaring a state of emergency for his country’s frontier regions.  Such a decree will suspend the constitution throughout the states […]

Free Clooney, Arrest Bashir.

Recently, Sudan activist and actor, George Clooney, was arrested at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. for trespassing on what is officially Sudanese territory.  He was, with other activists and Congressman McGovern, protesting the Government of Sudan’s attacks on innocent civilians by bombing, shooting, raping, and starving them — in Sudanese territory, the Nuba Mountains […]

ICC Issues Another Warrant in Darfur Conflict

Add another to the tally board. As we anticipated in an earlier post, the hot ticket out of ICC this week is for none other than one Abdel Rahim Muhammed Hussein (no relation to that other Hussein) of Sudan. Hussein is charged on counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his work in the […]

Today You’re Three!

March 4 marks the third birthday of Omar al-Bashir’s original International Criminal Court indictment, charging him on multiple counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. (The genocide charges came a little later.) If indictments were children, Bashir’s would be able to: Speak in complete sentences Walk Count to 10 Play nicely with others Ride […]

Sudan defense minister next in line for ICC

It looks like Sudan’s Defense Minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein will soon be joining the ranks of ICC fugitives: “The prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) will soon request an arrest warrant for Sudanese defence minister, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, the website of Al-Arabiya TV reported. This will be the fourth case by the Hague-based tribunal on Darfur […]

al-Bashir to the ICC, Ahmed Haroun to the ICC

Last Friday, Sudanese diaspora, representing the millions of innocent civilians being attacked in Sudan, stood in front of the United Nations and the building housing the Sudanese Mission to the UN and chanted “al-Bashir to the ICC, Ahmed Haroun to the ICC,” over and over. It was a powerful moment of togetherness. As indicted President […]

Bashir’s Game

It’s a deadly game, and Sudan’s al-Bashir knows how to play it.  If you’re a soccer fan, this will sound familiar.  In a match, you see a player that plays rough, always at the edge of what’s legal on the field.  He pushes opponents, using shoulders, elbows, and knees.  On contested headers, he goes in […]

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