Omar Al-Bashir

Wanted for 5582 days 9 hours 52 minutes 27 seconds

At large

Born on 1 January 1944 in Hoshe Bannaga, Shendi Governorate in the Sudan.

National of Sudan.

President of the Republic of Sudan since 16 October 1993.

Prosecution application for a warrant of arrest: 14 July 2008

First warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I on 4 March 2009

Second warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I on 12 July 2010



The warrants of arrest for Al Bashir list ten counts on the basis of his
individual criminal responsibility under Article 25(3)(a) of the Rome
Statute as an indirect (co) perpetrator including:

  • five counts of crimes against humanity: murder – Article 7(1)(a); extermination – Article 7(1)(b); forcible transfer – Article 7(1)(d); torture – Article 7(1)(f); and rape – Article 7(1)(g);

  • two counts of war crimes: intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking part in hostilities -Article 8(2)(e)(i); and pillaging – Article 8(2)(e)(v).

  • Three counts of genocide: genocide by killing (article 6-a), genocide by causing serious bodily or mental harm (article 6-b) and genocide by deliberately inflicting on each target group conditions of life calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction (article 6-c).

Recent News

  • #SudanRevolts (7/8/2012) If the international community won’t bring him to justice, perhaps his own citizens will.  Throughout his 23 year-long stranglehold on Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has seen insurrections in the country’s South, East, and West, responding to each with criminal levels of violence.  Now the North is taking its chances, walking the fine line between disobedience and […]
  • Fabricating an Emergency (5/2/2012) This past weekend, Sudan detained a South Sudanese national and three other foreigners under a false accusation of espionage.  This incident and a growing list of skirmishes along the border have culminated in Omar al-Bashir declaring a state of emergency for his country’s frontier regions.  Such a decree will suspend the constitution throughout the states […]
  • Insects and liberation (4/26/2012) Not even a year since its birth, South Sudan is now inching ever closer towards war with the North.   Since last weekend’s confrontation at the Heglig oil fields, the African Union has been scrambling to assemble any negotiation or peace deal it can muster.  South Sudanese president and SPLM chairman, Salva Kiir, has cancelled a […]
  • Free Clooney, Arrest Bashir. (3/19/2012) Recently, Sudan activist and actor, George Clooney, was arrested at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. for trespassing on what is officially Sudanese territory.  He was, with other activists and Congressman McGovern, protesting the Government of Sudan’s attacks on innocent civilians by bombing, shooting, raping, and starving them — in Sudanese territory, the Nuba Mountains […]
  • ICC Issues Another Warrant in Darfur Conflict (3/5/2012) Add another to the tally board. As we anticipated in an earlier post, the hot ticket out of ICC this week is for none other than one Abdel Rahim Muhammed Hussein (no relation to that other Hussein) of Sudan. Hussein is charged on counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his work in the […]

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