Healing in Uganda

Healing in Uganda

Joseph Kony, wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes agains humanity, has been terrorizing Northern Uganda and neighboring countries — including Sudan, Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo — since 1986. His crimes are large in scale. They are mass atrocities. Within the mass, though, there is the individual stories, and these stories of the victims and survivors must be told and heard. The healing of the victims and affected community must be a part of the justice process.

The Enough Project tells the story of former child soldier Nelson Ochaya. In his healing process, Nelson is helping other former child soldiers start a new life.

Nelson Ochaya: Supporting Other Former Child Soldiers

Nelson Ochaya, a former LRA child soldier, shares his story of abduction and escape, and how his experience inspired him to work toward educating and reintegrating other former child soldiers.

Nelson lived in a village near Gulu, the main town of northern Uganda. He was twelve years old at the time of his abduction by the LRA. He had heard the LRA was in his village, so he ran away and hid with his father. When they were on their way home, they ran into the rebels. He and his father were tied up. But he knew that if he admitted that he was with his father, he would be forced to kill him so he wouldn’t run away and return to his village. So he denied that his father was beside him.

Read the entire story at the Enough Project Blog

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