Where Are They Now?: Joseph Kony

Where Are They Now?: Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony is no stranger to international attention. No mere one-hit wonder, Kony is wanted by the ICC on 33 counts, including charges for rape, murder, enslavement, and forced enlisting of child soldiers. Since the late 1980s, his Lord’s Resistance Army has massacred thousands – without any known political agenda.

A member of the elite World’s Ten Most Wanted list, Kony’s work was highlighted in the documentary film “Invisible Children.” He has forced young boys to kill or be killed and young girls into sexual slavery – yet he claims to be sent by god to bring peace to Uganda. Note to Kony: invest in a dictionary.

Where is Joseph Kony today? Even U.S. President Barack Obama wants to know. In October 2011, he sent troops to Uganda to assist central African governments in shutting down Kony’s LRA. Kony operates in lawless and remote land in Uganda and connected regions, relying on none but his machete and his fervent belief his is the will of god. Stayed tuned to this tale – perhaps The Hague will soon be Kony’s new home.

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