Where Are They Now?: Dominic Ongwen

Where Are They Now?: Dominic Ongwen

Of the five members of the Lord’s Resistance Army indicted by the ICC, three remain. We’ve covered Kony and Odhiambo. Otti and Lukwiya were killed. That leaves Dominic Ongwen.

Ongwen is a tragic tale among the wanted, as he was abducted into the LRA to become a child soldier at the age of 10. Could he have had another life – a healthy life – if the LRA had not operated with impunity all these years? Perhaps. Instead, he is the youngest criminal indicted by the ICC, charged with seven counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes – for working for the very same commanders who committed such crimes against him.

Where is Ongwen now? In 2006, shortly after the warrant was issued for his arrest, he was thought to be dead. DNA tests proved the body was not Ongwen, however. He is believed to be at large with the rest of Kony’s cronies, traveling and murdering throughout central Africa.

Ongwen’s case embodies the purpose of End Impunity more than any other. Stop Ongwen – and stop the creation of more like him.

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