Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo checks in at the Hague

Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo checks in at the Hague

Former President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, has traded the haven of his house for a cot at the Hague. Gbagbo is charged with four counts of crimes against humanity: murder, sexual violence, persecution, and other inhuman acts. Over 3,000 people died last year in the violence that erupted after last year’s elections.

Human Rights Watch researcher Geraldine Mattioli applauds the move, “This transfer really shows that no one is above the law, and that you can be a head of state [but] you still have to respect the human rights of your populations and you cannot engage in the type of widespread violence we’ve seen in Cote d’Ivoire – justice will catch up with you.”

As more elections approach in the coming weeks, Ivory Coast demands our attention. Without the eyes of the international community, more violence could be on the horizon.


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