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Who is Sylvestre Mudacumura?

As fighting intensifies throughout Eastern Congo, the International Criminal Court has amplified their response through two fresh arrest warrants for a familiar face, Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda, and Hutu military commander Sylvestre Mudacumura. Much like his rival incarnations of the 1994 genocide, Mudacumura has been instrumental in the Kivu conflict, committing no less than nine […]

United States protecting criminals

It is no secret that the Kagame administration in Rwanda has a vested interest in the Congolese rebellion across its border.  There is no concern that the fighting will spill over into Rwandan territory, but rather, the success of Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda’s renegade forces against DR Congo’s government troops guarantees Tutsi hegemony in the […]

Hiding in plain sight

Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda is a renegade military commander running the Congolese city of Goma like a mob boss, and his days in power are numbered.  In an amazing policy turnaround, president of the DR Congo, Joseph Kabila, called for Ntaganda’s arrest during a visit to the affected North Kivu province earlier this week.  Responding […]

Where Are They Now?: Bosco Ntaganda

Young Bosco Ntaganda may have once fought on the right side of the fight, having been a member of the Rwandan Patriotic Army that fought against the genocidal Rwanda regime in 1994. Bosco must love the fight more than the cause, because all he has done since is cut a warpath of violence through the […]

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