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If the international community won’t bring him to justice, perhaps his own citizens will.  Throughout his 23 year-long stranglehold on Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has seen insurrections in the country’s South, East, and West, responding to each with criminal levels of violence.  Now the North is taking its chances, walking the fine line between disobedience and […]

Support for Malawi is support for the ICC

The tiny nation of Malawi won’t be hosting this year’s African Union summit, and doesn’t plan on doing so as long as Omar al-Bashir remains a free man.  Malawi’s first female president, Joyce Banda, will also be among the continent’s first to take a firm stand against this criminal.  In the weeks leading up to […]

Where in the world is Joseph Kony?

Back in April, the Ugandan army captured yet another member of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  While this is not an uncommon occurrence, the military’s newfound prisoner was a notable exception.  Dressed in a Sudanese uniform and equipped with its arms and ammunition, this LRA fighter is strong evidence of a growing link between two […]

Fabricating an Emergency

This past weekend, Sudan detained a South Sudanese national and three other foreigners under a false accusation of espionage.  This incident and a growing list of skirmishes along the border have culminated in Omar al-Bashir declaring a state of emergency for his country’s frontier regions.  Such a decree will suspend the constitution throughout the states […]

Insects and liberation

Not even a year since its birth, South Sudan is now inching ever closer towards war with the North.   Since last weekend’s confrontation at the Heglig oil fields, the African Union has been scrambling to assemble any negotiation or peace deal it can muster.  South Sudanese president and SPLM chairman, Salva Kiir, has cancelled a […]

Today You’re Three!

March 4 marks the third birthday of Omar al-Bashir’s original International Criminal Court indictment, charging him on multiple counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. (The genocide charges came a little later.) If indictments were children, Bashir’s would be able to: Speak in complete sentences Walk Count to 10 Play nicely with others Ride […]

Gambari Hearts Bashir

Send a love note of your own to the United Nations: Don’t Break Our Hearts by Cozying Up To Bashir!

Defined: Genocide

Pop quiz! What is by and large considered the worst crime known to man? Well, there’s quite a few actually, and before we run too far down that road, we’ll just give you the answer: genocide This word gets used a lot in activist circles, but what does it really mean? And where did it come from, anyway? […]

Defined: Indicted

Indicted is more than accused, but less than convicted. Anyone can make an accusation. “Omar al-Bashir is a jerk!” is an accusation – but he’s not indicted for being a jerk. An indictment is a formal legal proceeding which must show sufficient evidence that the accused committed the crimes in question. Typically it is a presentation before a grand jury. The accused is not usually present.

Where Are They Now?: Omar al-Bashir

In 1989, Omar al-Bashir was serving in the Sudanese military.  One bloodless coup and four years later, he was the self-appointed president of Sudan. Bashir quickly achieved worldwide notoriety with his controversial hits, including “Darfuri Genocide” with his backup band, the Janjaweed – and who could forget “Those Humanitarians Ain’t Nothin’ But Thieves” and “This […]

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