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EI5: Bhatara Ibnu Reza

End Impunity is asking five international justice advocates from around the world five “simple” questions about their personal connection to the issue and the unique perspective that their region of the world provides them.  1. Why is the issue of international justice important to you? Since the fall of Soeharto in 1998, Indonesia faces the […]

Volunteer Justice Poster Contest Coordinator

End Impunity is looking for a dedicated volunteer to begin in September 2012 to develop an annual justice poster contest (name to be determined), with the first contest to beginning soon thereafter. They will be responsible for assisting in the creation and development of the rules and regulations, logistics of accepting and voting on entries, […]

On Campus: Cal Poly’s End Impunity Campaign

This January, I launched an End Impunity campaign at my university, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The campaign consisted of three weeks of advertisement through a series of posters, and culminated in a screening of the documentary The Prosecutor by Barry Stevens.

Defined: Mass Atrocity

‘Mass Atrocity’ is a term you don’t hear much outside the activist world – but it is a very important term indeed. After all, it’s right there in the founding premise for End Impunity: ‘a campaign to stop mass atrocities.’ It seems self-explanatory enough – it’s a… well, it’s a large-scale bad thing, right?

Defined: Indicted

Indicted is more than accused, but less than convicted. Anyone can make an accusation. “Omar al-Bashir is a jerk!” is an accusation – but he’s not indicted for being a jerk. An indictment is a formal legal proceeding which must show sufficient evidence that the accused committed the crimes in question. Typically it is a presentation before a grand jury. The accused is not usually present.

What’s your EI IQ?

Hey End Impunity readers – coming Wednesday January 11, get ready to test your EI IQ! We’ll post a pop quiz every Wednesday on our Facebook page, and the first person to get all the answers correct each week will win an End Impunity sticker packet. Make sure you’ve “liked” us on Facebook and get ready to play […]

Qaddafi is Dead

Recently, End Impunity asked the question “Where is Muammar Qaddafi Now?” At the time, no one knew. Today, that question has been answered once and for all. Muammar Qaddafi was shot to death on October 20, 2011 in Sirte. Rumors and video show the ousted dictator alive when captured. His death is lauded the world […]

End Impunity in Utah

End Impunity Brigade member McKenna Powell distributed EI materials and spoke about the LRA at her art installation: “I was pretty quick to choose my topic, which was mostly sprouted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a religious group that rebelled against the government of Uganda starting in 1987. Joseph Kony, a leader of the LRA, is still […]

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Welcome to End Impunity. A campaign to stop mass atrocities going unpunished, seek prosecution of the perpetrators, restore dignity to the victims, and provide healing to the affected communities.