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Who is Sylvestre Mudacumura?

As fighting intensifies throughout Eastern Congo, the International Criminal Court has amplified their response through two fresh arrest warrants for a familiar face, Bosco “the Terminator” Ntaganda, and Hutu military commander Sylvestre Mudacumura. Much like his rival incarnations of the 1994 genocide, Mudacumura has been instrumental in the Kivu conflict, committing no less than nine […]

Same story, different faces

The remnants of Bosco Ntaganda’s crumbling CNDP rebel group are very much alive and well.  Some have opted for the protection of joining the Congolese government forces while other lingering factions continue to pursue their cause, under the new moniker of M23.  These Tutsi fighters echo the grievances of Rwanda and former rebel leaders, accusing […]

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