Where Are They Now?: Ali Kushayb

Where Are They Now?: Ali Kushayb

If ‘janjaweed’ translates to “devils on horseback,’ and Ali Kushayb is their leader – well what was that mom said? If you can’t say anything nice?

Scratch that, let’s say it: Kushyab is the reaper. Ali Kushayb was provided with weapons and money by Ahmad Haroun in 2003 to lead the janjaweed to torture, rape, and murder the people of Darfur. He isn’t content to issue the order from behind a desk – by all accounts he directly participates in all his crimes. For Ali Kushayb, genocide’s no spectator sport.

Where is Ali Kushayb now? That’s a very difficult question to answer. Reports have him in Khartoum – Sudan’s capital – in 2009. Sudan has claimed to be holding the ICC-indicted man for trial. Yet as with Haroun, we’ve seen what Sudan’s current regime considers an investigation.

Unless Ali Kushayb is turned over to the ICC, he may as well still be at large.

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